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Are you ready to do a Book Club differently?

After reading over 100 books in 2021, I was triggered by so many different thoughts in my mind that prompted the birth of The Insiders’ Book Club in 2022.

I have read books that cracked my heart open, took a look at my ego, questioned why I may be in the same predicament in certain areas of my life, and so much more.

I got to interview authors on the Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable Podcast and now I want to bring the author into The Insiders’ Book Club, so that you, the reader, can get in the head of the writer.

Our first book has received 13 Literacy Awards – the last being 2021 International Readers Favorite Gold Medal in Inspirational Fiction.

Join us for this compelling book that will crack your heart open, while making you question your authenticity and your present moments.

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