EP #2–Bringing Awareness to Guilt/Shame with Lois Hollis

Episode Description

Bringing Awareness to Guilt/Shame with Lois Hollis

Lois Hollis is a firecracker to wisdom and knowledge.

A registered nurse, BSN, REV. as well as a shame guilt educator, counselor, filmmaker.

Sheds light on how all energy stems from shame/guilt.

Her 50 years experience in health, 15 years’ research, and counseling bringing NEW knowledge of these misunderstood conditions to release us from shame guilt blaming.

I discuss my shame/guilt journey as Lois sheds her light on how we can detect, resolve, dissolve, awaken and become someone more empowering away from old imprints of childhood shame/guilt.

Lois’ first film, Out of Discord Into Harmony, was released in 2008 and teaches how to communicate with your inner self and becoming friends with your inner critic to empower your path, rather than disempower your inner strength and gifts.

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