About Zak

Zak is a multidimensional being that has experienced life in a different way.
Since the age of three, Zak encountered her first spirit, the blue man standing in front of the t.v., has predicted many outcomes, and has helped thousands of women transition through the darkness into the light.
She has had many encounters with spirit and not all pleasant, you may hear her say “some people watch horror movies, others live them,” Zak lived them.

From getting whipped across the room, scratches on her face, walking out of the shower as a spirit was writing on the mirror, and darkness following her home on a flight.

Zak has had many other unpleasant encounters that she speaks about if it comes up.

In ‘97, Zak went through thyroid cancer and her first massive spiritual awakening.
Two decades later she found out she had a walk-in take over her body as her spirit was tired and wanted to go back home.
Life really didn’t make sense to Zak being brought up in a Greek Orthodox family, life wasn’t always easy for her to express her truth.
When she would speak about what she can see, feel, hear, taste and smell, she would always be told to stop so that people wouldn’t think she’s crazy.
She would crack up jokes at times to see people’s reactions.
Even with the many years of learning self-development and connecting to spirit she would be stuck in darkness and she could never unravel why this was one of her patterns, until it all made sense one day.
Through discovering her truth and helping women step into their truth in a Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable way, Zak was birthed many times over in the nine years of studying herself and her spiritual DNA where she came from, her Ancestors, Guides, Mentors, Being of Light that are always surrounding her.
The horrors she went through in the past, how she was crucified, burnt to the stack and murdered.
The visions she was experiencing when she started to do this work started to make sense when she learned about her past lives.

This is a must when working with Zak is to unravel your past lives that are inflicting your present life as its all one and attached until you bring awareness to it and move on amplifying your happiness with confidence, abundance and love.

Zak has always had a strong belief in Jesus and all the miracles she has experienced in her life and in those lives she has touched. To this day she will always say, “God delivers, just not in the way we want him too, but in a way HE wants too.”
Her main source of Spiritual fuel comes from Jesus, his wisdom, his guidance, his teachings, his everything alongside many other Galactic Elders, Ascended Masters, Deities, Angels, Saints, Gods and Goddess, when you become ONE with everything, everything becomes ONE with you.
Zak’s greatest excitement is when new Masters come to her so they can teach her new wisdom that she can use to alleviate any tension in her life and to teach others.

She loves teaching women how to tap into the infinite energy source that they are and how to identify and shift energy for greater outcomes for themselves and their family.

Since the time she can remember spirit has been teaching her different levels of spiritual wisdom, her first job in the spirit world was to help lost souls into the light.
For two decades lost souls would find her and she would spend time with them and bring them into the light when they were ready to go into a new dimension.
This brought Zak the most joy as she was an open vessel to some of the greatest spirits out there that opened her up to connect further into cosmic energies.
Being in tune since the age of three, Zak is a storehouse of knowledge in many areas energetically, as she asks and sources help from the universe when she needs help or guidance in any way.
Regardless of what you are going through, it has an energy frequency, once you realize how to shift and move that energy in combination with shifting your mindset, environment, and creating more self-confidence, the sky’s the view, for God has no limits.
When you heal through the struggles, traumas, spells from others and step into your Authentic Self only Happiness, Purpose, Joy, Abundance can be birthed from there.
Zak is an energy shift shaper when it comes to helping women, she helps them see beyond their lack and limitation and shows them where that energy is lingering from in their childhood or past life and starts to break it down in a way to help women soar.
Zak believes she has experienced life this way to help women avoid the challenges that darkness can cast onto you.
She believes God brought her on this journey to empower women to work through those challenges to see the truth from within in less the time that it took her, and what it would take you to figure it out on your own.
Zak has created group programs and she has a one-one intensive for those that are ready to propel in the speed of light through the dark days into the lighter days.
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