As I sit here and wonder what forum I should release my thoughts to, I decided to take it to the blog to express on all my levels of crazy, free of judgment.

My mind can become a little intense at times…

The thought of having a recorder and camera in my head seems as though it would be the best invention ever. Man!

That would make my life so much easier…

I could simply use the replay button, rather than remembering what to write and share when I see it fully coming to me, when visiting other dimensions.

Funny, how this is in creation at this time.

The things that exist in my head are mind blowing to even myself, and I have witnessed the shock that others experience when I express heaven’s wisdom.

There are times that I find myself reflecting and wondering, how was I chosen to be this instrument of the universe? Why?

What is my true purpose in this world?
That question I ask frequently, as I notice my purpose seems to shift every so often.

The reason stays the same, spread love, be love, share love!

Even though I don’t get it at times, I just do as I’m guided.

There have been instances when I have gone against the grain and, in turn, learned so much.

On the other hand, I have found myself in the dark when I didn’t listen.

After battling with my now-friend, the ego, I learned to listen to that voice from within, even if I don’t always “get it”.

I learned how to work with my ego instead of struggling with it, and have been rewarded with the understanding that working with both the mind (ego) and heart (spirit), I am more in balance with my yin/yang.

It, of course, takes time and work and patience to get to this place.

As we learn more of what the spirit wants to teach us, we come to accept the lessons which are not always easy to swallow and soothing to the heart.

This understanding can be the greatest asset to our infinite joy and happiness as humanity.

When we dig through the pain, we find our glory.

Once I understood that the ego was not the enemy but instead my friend, I was able to fight through the darkness.

The ego reveals to you all the fuck ups you made and the lessons you may have resisted or not yet grasped.

It took me many painful journeys to learn the smallest of lessons.

Once that “aha moment” happens and you feel the breakthrough, you often wonder, how did this take me this long to learn?

What was I missing at that time?
What was I trying to achieve that prevented me from seeing this?
What was my spirit really trying to tell me that I was ignoring?

After you master the ego and spirit and how they function in beautiful harmony with one another, you learn to truly let go and just flow with life.

You learn to appreciate synchronicity, and as a result you discover the greatest adventures and coincidences that you could ever imagine, without really questioning the WHY.

The spirit flows with ease.

Since we landed in 2022, many great things have been shifting for those that are doing the work for themselves and their desires to grow in extraordinary ways.

Those that don’t take life so seriously and instead simply let go and trust that the universe is on their side, discover amazing freedom, while manifesting more happiness, love and abundance in their life.

This is far more effective than constantly fighting against the grain of fear, doubt, pain, EGO.

I have found myself in many great adventures with the heavens, and their hilarious ways of always keeping me on my toes…

Pondering so many incredible things while remembering not to have any expectations or attachments to any sort of preconceived outcome, but instead just being open to receiving what my heart desires, and what my soul wants to manifest.

Releasing ego enriches the soul.

Our source is infinite and its richness is ready to POUR OUT.

Until we speak again…

Be Blessed.