You desire more in your life, but can’t seem to figure out what’s getting in the way of your own greatness and universal rewards.

Things feel difficult and challenging at times.

You wonder how others seem to be able to attract things into their life more easily than you.

You continuously question yourself and become increasingly frustrated with this whole thing they call manifestation and question, why it isn’t working for you!

According to the Wizards, we have a lot of work to do before we can become Masters of Manifesting.

We need to first shuffle through life and heal our wounds, learn and grow from our journeys from the past that may reappear in the present and break down obstacles of the mind.

In that time you’ll start to access your true self and manifestation can often happen at the drop of a dime.

Once you conquer the top 9 on the following list, you’ll have an easier time conquering life’s obstacles, moving forward with bountiful faith in the heavens and your own heart, constantly leaving it open and spreading love to humanity.

ONE, you need to battle FEAR.
TWO, you need to remove DOUBT.
THREE, you need to recognize your emotional state.
FOUR, you need to STOP COMPLAINING, and be mindful of the words that come out of your mouth.
FIVE, you need to LET GO of all past situations and ALLOW for a new opportunity to arrive with a clear mind, only taking in the lessons and the wisdom of the past, not the emotional attachment.
SIX, you need to BELIEVE in yourself.
SEVEN, you need to have FAITH you are being guided in the right direction.
EIGHTH, you need to know that GOD (Universe) answers all prayers once you allow for GRACE to embrace you and you honor your path to your Authentic Self.
NINE, you need to have PATIENCE.
TEN, you need to have FUN.
ELEVEN, you need to go with the flow and live carefree in the mind, and wise in the heart.
TWELVE, you need to remember that HEAVEN has your back.
THIRTEEN, to be GRATEFUL for what you have already.

The most important Golden Rule is to totally remove fear from the equation and place faith in the process, being grateful for everything you have and being open to the arrival of more.

Recognize things always work out, sometimes not the way you expected, but ALWAYS in the way they are meant to. At times it can feel disappointing and at other times, more awe-inspiring than you can imagine.

The top seven emotional blockages legitimately incarcerate your mind with negative self chatter, and block you from being connected to your True + Self, your Higher Consciousness.

Manifesting is a cycle of eliminating, learning, flourishing, accepting and amplifying yourself.

The way you FEEL, THINK, and SPEAK play a huge role in the process of manifesting as well, bring awareness to ALL of them.

You’ll encounter some obstacles that will test your TRUST and FAITH that you have within YOURSELF.

DOUBT will creep up and rattle your SELF WORTH.

When we start paying too much attention to the naysayers and the noise around us, we are only giving away our power, which of course in turn leaves us feeling powerless and burnt out.

Let’s focus on the wisdom in step eight;
This step genuinely tells you that you’re ready for your manifestation to appear for you.

You have taken care of the prior seven steps and you’re ready to move into believing, having patience, fun and allowing for the flow to take place.

You know that God has your back in all instances, and that your sources of infinite abundance will appear to you when you put actions into your words.

Manifesting becomes fun when we focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Heaven has always said, humans don’t know how to have fun, to let go and embrace what can be and what will be.

We put too much emphasis on how things should be and why things happen to us.

We are so afraid of what others will think or say and forget about ourselves and how we want to live.

We allow for others’ opinions to take over our mind and we lose all focus on what truly matters most: OURSELVES and those that support us in whatever decisions we make.

Start believing in yourself and what you desire and watch MAGIC happen.

Be blessed.