Your Gut navigates your mind in more ways than you can image, which gets in the way of your spiritual growth.

About this event

Being a colon therapist I have learned how the gut navigates your mind and impedes in your spiritual growth.

The gut is a storehouse of physical, mental and spiritual toxins that don’t allow you to feel at peace, calm and confident within yourself.

Imagine you are bloated, full of gas uncomfortable, do you feel happy and ready to get your groove on?

I can guarantee you not.

I know because I been there alongside hundreds of my clients.

When you can breathe all the way to your vajaja, feel open and free, connecting your mind and body, stepping into your happiness as you flow with spirit, you become internally free and liberated.

In this gathering we will be discussing the digestive system, how its connected to your mind and stunting your spiritual growth and what you can do to change the situation to something more encouraging to the soul.

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