Frequently Asked Questions

BFU is a Spiritual Inner Circle that’s created for women to express and heal (unlearn – relearn) in a safe environment with the support of other women.

Women that are ready to shift their life and connect to their Higher Consciousness, in order to live a life they were meant to live, when they came into this world. Happy, joyful, financially free and full of love. 

We aim to make our program as affordable as possible and also make it fair for everyone to start off on the right foot, so unfortunately we don’t provide scholarships.

For those starting on their spiritual journey, it may be difficult to get past old patterns and belief systems around finances, yet we have this all covered in all group levels.

Once you start working with your energy and changing your belief system and learn some ways to manifest more abundance into your life, you’ll recognize how abundant you are and fear around finances will dissolve.

The Queen Level is everything we do in the Spiritual realm

The Empress Level is everything in the Spiritual realm as well as Soul Purpose Entrepreneurship Realm

Yes, you can reach us at

We charge in USD as we are an international company and find it the easiest, most global currency to work with.

You may find the Terms and Conditions here.

Thank you for loving us. You can share the love and send in your testimony to (we will be forever grateful!)