It was something that came so naturally to me at a very young age.

I never really knew there was a way to connect, I just felt I was always connected to something that I personally didn’t fully comprehend at that time.

It was always a source of such comfort, my now-known spirit guides would just always come to me when I needed them most.
They just knew.
They knew better than me, I can tell you that much.

I really never realized that there is a process, it only came to my attention when I began to teach clients how to connect to their own spirit guides or loved ones.

It was through their spirit guides that I have learned a great deal about connectivity.
Everyone connects differently.
I personally have a sequence of prayers that I recite in a particular order a certain number of times.

I recently went to an event, and I found myself delivering messages from a heavenly father to his earthly son. He was amazed, as though I had done something magical.
He asked “How do you do that?”.
I responded, “It just comes to me, you can do it too.
We all can. It just takes work.”
Like you exercise for your body, you meditate for your mind.

The more you quiet your mind, the more accessible the antenna becomes and the clearer the channels are to receive messages.

Many may think meditation is difficult.

Once you learn how to clear your mind from your to-do lists, other people’s problems, thinking you can save the world, worrying about everything that is attracting more energy than necessary, life’s issues and other emotions that run you down, fear, anxiety, stress, etc…

You begin to discover something greater within yourself that’s unexplainable and truly remarkable.

Let’s get you started.

Start off by doing this practice daily 20mins a day and then bring it up to an hour in small, gradual increments.
Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your meditation practice!

Find yourself a quiet place, grab a pillow or chair.
Get comfortable.

You may do this with your eyes open or closed, it’s truly your preference, your soul will guide you.

For me, eyes closed is the way I go as it allows me to go INWARDS, much more easily.
Keeping your eyes open can be distracting when you first start meditating.

Let’s bring awareness to your breath;
Inhale through the nose, all the way up to your head, down your spine and into your tailbone.
Exhale from the tailbone into the front of the body and out of your mouth.
Squeeze out more breath than you inhaled.

Bring awareness to how you are breathing each breath, in and out, making each one deeper and longer than the last.

If you find your mind chattering away, bring awareness to the thoughts for a quick second, and then say I SURRENDER, letting that thought obliterate into the cosmos.
You can do this all through your mind.

Once you get yourself to nothingness of the mind…
You may say:
“I open the gate and allow for my spirit guides and loved ones to step forward to communicate with me through my thoughts”.

Continue to breathe.
This truly takes practice in TRUSTING yourself and the messages you receive, even if they seem unusual, they will somehow make sense one day.

Remember to write everything down so that you may reflect on and learn from it later.

If your mind goes back to speaking to itself, return to the beginning of this process to once again dissolve your thoughts and bring you back to center.

This takes time, discipline and practice and doesn’t happen overnight, trust me.

It took me months to shuffle through my mental constipation before I was able to cry hallelujah.

Even now when I meditate, my mind still shuffles sometimes.
Don’t be too tough on yourself.
With daily practice, you’ll eventually surprise yourself with how disciplined you grow to be.

You may ask as many questions as you desire, just remember to give gratitude to the heavens at the end of your meditation for the messages and healing you have received.

This is very important!

FYI – When you ask spirit questions, allow for the answer to come to you, don’t ask question after question. BE PATIENT with the process!

Now go on, find your space, make today that DAY you invite magic into your life!

Sending you infinite love,

Reminder – At times when we access our universal self, difficulty of past emotions may come to the surface. They require release, this can be a tough process and possibly more than you originally bargained for.
You will feel so much lighter and more free as a result though.
I never said it was going to be easy, but what I can tell you is that it’s definitely worth it!

Happy Meditating