I’m sure you’ve heard that term a few times over. And if you’re anything like I used to be, when you hear it you start to cringe and yell at the top of your lungs; Let it go? What do I need to let go? I’m effin pissed off and you want me to let that go? NO, I can’t let it go!”

Oh that feeling, and how I laugh at it today.

I was once one of those people that would cringe at the statement “let it go”.

And yet, I was the one that would say it and hated myself for it, “let it go, this shit isn’t serving you any more, move forward, not backwards”, etc.

I would say this to myself over and over.

The more I held onto things, the darker the cave became.

The depression was killing me, yet I wasn’t able to let it go and often, as a result, found myself wondering what was truly wrong with me?

Why did I hold on so tight?
Why do we do this to ourselves?
It’s unexplainable.

I learned that the more adept you become at letting go, the further you’ll ascend into a zone of “I really don’t give two shits”, and you’ll notice that life feels more peaceful when you know and accept that you can’t control anyone but yourself.

When you allow yourself to hold onto something for a while, you’re holding onto the lesson you’re supposed to learn in your egotistical energy frequency.

As a result, it becomes difficult to move forward in your life, and you begin to feel confused and dysfunctional.

The more you release and let go, the more you allow for the energies to guide you into a place you truly want to be in.

Remember, things may not always look the way you want them to, but at the end of it all, through faith you’ll realize why you had to go through that journey in the first place.

Every step we take in life is a lesson from heaven.

Loosen up.
Smile at your pain.
Cry at your happiness.

The more that you embrace the creator within and become one with it, the further you’ll transcend into your True Self and the more you’ll learn about yourself.

So what I’m going to say to you is LET IT GO.

She/he treated you like shit OR dumped you, LET IT GO.
You lost your job, LET IT GO.
You’re struggling in life, LET IT GO.
People are speaking about you, LET IT GO.
People are calling you to complain about how shit their life is, LET IT GO, LET THEM GO.
You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, LET IT GO
Lack of finances, LET IT GO.
You don’t get along with some family members, LET IT GO.
The list can go on and on.

Now why do so many of us find this “LET IT GO” statement so offensive to the ears and the body?

You are being told to let go of the situation and move forward, but you can’t see the way forward because you’re stuck in the past.

You’re so angry that it’s not fair this is happening to you.

The best thing to do is learn from the situation at hand and ask yourself the following questions.

What signs did I ignore that brought me into the present situation?
Why did I ignore the signs?
What emotions was I experiencing when I was going through that journey?
Why am I blaming the present moment on the situation or that person?
What lesson am I to learn from the journey?
Who is in charge of me and my actions?
Why can’t I let go of the present situation?

Once you get a full grip of these questions, I can guarantee you that you’ll not make the same mistake again.

And if you do, it simply means that you haven’t learned your lesson, and you will continue down the road of pain until you WAKE UP.

So take some time, take a few breaths, clear out your space and your energy field from those stagnant energies and start to look at life from a different perspective.

Look at the lessons you learned, and promise yourself YOU will not make them again.

Once you allow for those energies to leave your body, mind and spirit you will be ready to replace them with higher vibrations that will serve you on a different level of awareness.

Until Next time, LET IT GO, and watch yourself GROW.