I’m sure you’ve heard this many times over.

Meditate, it will help you calm down.
It will bring you clarity.
You’ll feel better.

Unless you attempt it, you’ll never know.
That you are your best teacher.

Within all the pain and drama your life may be serving you now or in the past has left imprints of energy stored in your body, holding emotions and painful journeys in different organs, muscles and body parts.

It doesn’t matter what the latest statistics or research has to say, it’s what your mind, body and soul has to tell you.

What you are living on the inside may be a reflection represented on the outside.

Meditation takes you away from all and allows you to just be in a place of emptiness and absence from all pain and suffering.

At first it may be difficult to clear your mind and bring stillness to your body and that’s just fine, it takes practice just like anything else.

Meditation isn’t a race. It’s a journey of inner self discovery, as you release tension from your body, emotional release will follow.

Giving yourself permission to be still and allow the heavens to open you up to unknown places to the ego, will bring you great spiritual growth.

Meditation will prepare you for the future, teaching you lessons of the past into the present, bringing you awareness of your actions and reactions.

Meditation through breathing techniques can assist in bringing calmness to your everyday life, learning to be aware of not only your actions, but how you allow others to treat you along the way, creating boundaries.

Meditation can teach you how to stand your ground and speak your truth, bringing you closer to your higher consciousness and loved ones that have crossed over.

Meditation when practiced regularly can reveal many things that need to be known by you, in order to bring you guidance constantly expanding your awakening.

That gut feeling.

Meditation assists in enhancing your energy field, releasing the toxins, one breath at a time, also known as the gut feeling, your intuition.

When you start to meditate, I would suggest you invest at least 30 days when you first start, giving you enough time to release stagnation from your body, mind and soul.

Start by sitting still for 15 min at first, increasing weekly by 5 min until you’ve reached one hour, making sure that you are clear of distractions.

Start this once a day in the morning, increasing to two times a day.
Once in the morning and again in the evening before retiring for the night.

It’s a journey of inner- teachings and lessons of oneself, this takes time to be revealed.

Meditation has the ability to bring you into your past, present and future self.

When you have the know-how, utilize meditation with proper techniques and magickal synchronicities happen.

Meditation isn’t something you do 5 times and say it doesn’t work.
It’s something you practice as you master being your true authentic badass.

When I started to meditate I was so conflicted in many parts of my mind.

I would rather be sleeping.
Why am I doing this?
Nothing is happening.
This is stupid?
My mind isn’t stopping.

I can tell you what you are going to tell yourself.

I have said it to myself too.

My first 30 days of doing this practice, I had one day that my mind was actually clear. Yes, you read that right, one day out of thirty days is when my mind was clear.

I literally danced for hours when I felt I succeeded, and I thought from here on in, my mind will be clear.

Well, let me tell you.

My mind the next day was back to talking to myself, wondering why I’m doing this, and saying I can do better things than sit down and meditate.

It was as if I went backwards in my meditation practice.
I was frustrated, irritated and annoyed.

Yes, I wanted to quit, but something inside of me kept me sitting still.

Now, over a decade of practicing meditation I can sit and my mind can be clear as soon as I cross my legs.

I will tell you, there are times that my mind goes in circles.

I sit there and observe all my thoughts, and allow them to show me what is happening within myself.

I don’t question it.
I don’t get irritated by it anymore.

I sit for an hour and wait until my alarm goes off to tell me it’s time to move.

Once I’m done.
I take deep breaths.
Give Gratitude.
Drink lots of water.
Write down all my thoughts that come to me and what I’ve seen in my meditation.

Do it.

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Happy meditating…