Overcoming the Ego is about overcoming what you are holding within your soul. Hurt, pain, betrayal, shame, trauma, childhood wounds, imprints, abandonment issues etc.

When you learn how to overcome what shrinks you in life you align with your Higher Consciousness and become lead by a different vibrational frequency.  

They say the Ego is there to keep you safe…
I say the Ego is there to keep you small, broken, and in denial of YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS…

Unlearn and learn through the ego and activate with your spirit.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Shame and Guilt

Understanding Ego

The following 4 videos allows you to get a basic understanding about your ego and how it works.
What you need to do to overcome some challenges in your life and how you need to re-wire your mind to bring you towards your spirits wishes. Your energy will determine the outcome in your life, and the ego isn’t where you want to live… YOU GOT THIS…

Overcoming the Ego Pt.1

Overcoming the Ego Pt.2

Overcoming the Ego Pt.3

Overcoming the Ego Pt.4