Would you consider Spirituality to be Mindset?

There are so many spiritual laws and none of them want anyone to live in misery.

So, why are so many humans living in a place of lack, limitation, suffering and trauma?

Everything that we desire is within us.

This is what the ancient texts have been preaching for thousands of years, and many spiritual leaders are saying the same, today.

Yet it may feel difficult to attain the lifestyle of infinite abundance and joy to be your reality.

Is this manifestation impossible because someone doesn’t have a strong mindset, or is it because their energy is off?

Do we need to have a mindset that is always on, to bring us what we desire, or do you need to shift our energy?

What is it that needs to be accomplished first or do both of these modalities of mindset and spirituality work in conjunction with one another?

The questions can be endless if you break it down to the seed of the outcomes you want to create for your life.

Let’s start off with everything is energy.

Thoughts are energy and spirituality of course is energy, its spirit.

What we think, we attract, what we want to attract, has an energy frequency to it.

When our spirit is in alignment with our thoughts, you can attract things at the speed of light.

When your thoughts are in one area of your life and your spirit wants to pull you to another space, what do you work through first?

Your thoughts?
Your spirit?

Personally, I address the spirit first and mindset typically follows.

When going through this process, I like to say take responsibility for every emotion, thought and situation in your life.

You have full control of everything that happened in your life since you were able to make decisions for yourself.

I know it’s a hard accountability pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.
I was there, and it taught me so much.

When you take accountability about all your actions, and outcomes of your life and own it.

You stop blaming everyone for your misfortunes and you turn to yourself, to heal through the wounds, suffering, emotional uproars and reasons.

Let that be a lesson for you not to go down that path again.

That should have altered your mindset.

Understand you’re in charge of every aspect of your life.
What you want, you can have.

And what you don’t want, isn’t welcomed.

Also, take note how your body starts to react when you’re receiving messages from your spirit, and listen attentively to the silent voice within.

The question some may need to ask themselves is…

Why do I need or want external validation for all things that I do?
Why do I give my power to something/one?
Why do I feel I need to please everyone around me, leaving myself last?

What empty hole am I trying to fill in?

You are the curator of your choices, so whatever you put your mind to, you can have for yourself and don’t need anyone to pat you on the shoulder.

The right ones will.

When the time is right without any expectations, they will give you a greater boost than looking for validation.

Your experiences teach you lessons about yourself.

They teach and ask you, if you are happy where you are, or do you need to adjust your sails and head a different way to reach the emotions you are seeking in your life?

Energy has a language when you sit in your silence and listen to the wisdom of your soul.

Your true encyclopedia of self.

Stop penalizing yourself for life’s misfortunes.

Clear the energetic debris, shift your thoughts, knowingness and desires, and start to realize how deep the wound is that you are breaking free from.

Every thought, feeling, emotion is energy.
Emotion and thought are a reflection of outcome

If you are constantly in a down spiral and can’t seem to get ahead of yourself.

Feeling depleted mentally and spiritually you may find it difficult to tell yourself you deserve what you want in life.

It’s hard to tune into a mindset that motivates and energizes you to reach for the stars and go for what you want, if you’re not clear with what you want.

Clear the spiritual debris and shift your mindset to greater outcomes for yourself.

When you’re doing fantastic in life, you want more greatness to come.

Don’t allow a sick mindset and energetic debris get in your way, for they are one and not separate, your spirituality is your mindset.

At times you may find yourself on a hamster wheel, going down some familiar emotions, journeys or thoughts.

Past patterns and thought processes bring you back into a spiral. If you don’t fully have control of yourself and your mind.

Change thoughts from your mind that may be obstructing your visions to move forward, into a new vibrational tone you want to create for yourself.

This is where the art of meditation takes place.

There are many forms of meditation that help not only with your spiritual sense, but your mind’s sense of rewiring and connecting to a higher consciousness.

The more you focus on your breath and go deep into the abyss of darkness, the easier it becomes to be mindful of your words, thoughts and emotions.

You know how you don’t want to feel.

Transplant how you want to feel and what you want to bring into your life, instantly.

Mediation can bring you to places that leave you feeling mystical, curious and believing in miracles when you put action towards your visions.

Being in a meditational transient state allows you to see life in a place of nothingness to a place of sheer bliss.

Now, why is Spirituality Mindset and vice versa?

When you shift your energy, you can rewire your mindset.

You shift from the ego to the spirit, your mind into your heart.

The ego plays two roles.
Your teacher and your sufferer.

It can help you get out of the dark as you come closer into your light and recognize why you went down that path, or; it can take you for a deeper spin into your inner cave and create havoc to your mind and spirit.

Spirituality is your worth, your value to yourself and humanity, your happiness, joy and growth.

It’s your laughter and your health.

Spirituality is your muse to internal greatness.

When it comes to meditation, it comes to clearing the overflow of emotional wastage out of your being and enlightening it with fairy tale stories that seem impossible to live.

To be wealthy, healthy and in love, may seem so far-fetched to your mind but so possible when you have the right mindset, drive and awakened spirit to receive it.

Spirituality to me, is daily magic.

It’s like living in a universal wonderland watching life reveal itself to, regardless of what happens.

Knowing full out you have control of whatever comes your way, reflecting how you feel and speak to your ego and spirit.

Get into your mindset and knowingness of your worth and value, as the universe views you.

Watch how your life can change in a blink of an eye just with that thought alone.

The universe is here to support you every step of the way, you are the universe.

Depression awakened me.
Meditation saved me.

Happy healing through your Ego and Spirit to create the New YOU…..