The Awakening Journey

The Awakening Journey you will find short (7-20 min) audio  with worksheet.
I suggest you listen to the audio and really allow for what is coming through you to come out of you.
Each audio was channeled during the worlds most difficult time, collectively. 
With those events at the time, God/Universe took it and twisted it around making you think on a different level of spiritual awareness and the importance of Your Higher Consciousness.
You can’t rush Spiritual Awakening, and positive vibes is totally b.s when it comes from a empty place of trying to make changes in your life. You become confident when you are living in YOUR TRUTH… It’s time to LIVE IN TRUTH… YOU GOT THIS….

Your Mindset is an important aspect that needs to be take care of first and foremost. 
When you adjust your mindset to walk you towards a new path, the old self start to die off.
Complete this worksheet and allow for the energy to come start forming for you.

Fear is nothing more than not knowing what to do to get you onto the other side of the bridge and what you will meet up there. When you look at fear with excitement you start to dissolve fear and start walking in faith.
Complete the worksheet and really eliminate fear from your life and start to walk by faith.

Your power is your confidence.
When you start to stand your ground and speak through your heart and not from a place of trying to please other, but from a place of self-love and truth, you start to gain confidence within yourself. 
Take Back Your Power and take charge of your truth

Boundaries are important because you’re important.
Boundaries are there to keep the noise away from you, as you focus on your happiness. 
When you create healthy boundaries around people and situations, you start to thrive from a new energy frequency.


Self-Love isn’t about manicures and pedicure with your besties. Even though that is fun.
Self-Love is truly about spending time with yourself, shuffling through your mind, and releasing what isn’t feeling good for you and tapping into something that is more empowering for you.

Add more SELF-LOVE in Your Life…

It’s about switching what you tell yourself. Changing your story to something that excites you. I know how can you create a new story, when you’re living like you are slowly dying within. I been there. It’s about telling yourself that the story you are living was planned for you by other and not created from your own heart.
When you write your narrative from your heart and put no weight on what others are going to think or say about you, you start to thrive from a place of opportunities and possibilities.