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“Ready to Take Your Life from Mediocre to Extraordinary, and Attract All that
You Think May be Impossible?”

- With The Help Of Zak Lioutas and The
Cosmic Beings of Light?

From the Desk of Zak Lioutas
Nosara, Costa Rica
Hello Empress,
Did you know, according to the N.I.M.H, W.H.O and the C.D.C, women are
twice as likely as men to have Depressive Episodes and deal with
Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
Does this sound like you?
✔Trying to find happiness in life and coming up short, regardless of
what you have tried in the past?
✔Know that there’s more to life, but afraid of what others may think or
say about you?
✔Ready for change, BUT you don’t know where to start?
✔You’re afraid to speak up, because you don’t want to hurt anyone.
✔Look secure on the outside, but inside you feel guilt, shame and
angry, hiding behind your smile?
✔Have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning?
✔Have difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
✔Have decreased energy or fatigue?
✔You feel abandoned in your confusion and heaviness in your chest,
trying to make everyone else happy?
✔Know that something feels like its missing, but you can’t put your
finger on it, beyond your happiness?
✔Feel like you can’t catch a break, and running around in
circles for others?
✔Can’t remember the last time you treated yourself to something
special, yet your spirit is yearning for it?
 If so, you are NOT alone!
A lot of the women I mentor struggle to muster the courage to put
themselves first, and say no to others.
Even after they do, they ask…
How can I get over feeling so selfish taking a day for myself?
How can I do this more often without feeling any guilt?
How can I do this all while bringing enough love to everyone and OPEN my heart to receive, what feels so good to me, so I may share with others from a full cup?
AND most importantly…

How Do I Create Change in MY LIFE Without 
Hurting Anyone?

…not just take a day or two for my own sanity, but create massive change in my life and live a life of happiness, joy and inner peace!
Well, the solution to ALL these questions are here, in this very letter.
But first, you NEED to hear this.
Deep within every woman is a POWERFUL EMPRESS, waiting to
come to light. She is Confident, Protected, Happy, Strong, Sexy,
aligned with her Riches and Connected to an Infinite Abundance that’s 
her Divine Right.
Under all the suffering she is holding onto. Everything imaginable is sitting out there, ready and waiting for her to see her inner diamond that she possesses.
All you need, is a desire and willingness to do the inner work and want to
change your life to attract all that your spirit is seeking.
If you’re unhappy with the life you’re living at this moment and ignoring your happiness, you DON’T recognize your self-worth, and are having a hard time holding yourself accountable in creating this space for yourself.
Because here’s the truth…

It’s Actually Easier if You have Someone  
That Holds You Accountable
and Guides YOU to Step Into Your Power and 

(even when you feel you are stuck and want to crawl back in your hole, away from everything and everyone.)

When you learn how to connect to your infinite energy, you will no longer 
feel like you’re alone or alienated.
Instead, you’ll…
✔Feel no guilt in saying NO to others and “Put Yourself First”
✔Feel more driven to Create Your Happiness and work on LOVING
YOURSELF more often.
✔Be able to breathe that much deeper by Trusting the Process and
Believing in Yourself.
✔Recognize that you’re worth every breath you take, and every change you create, creates change around you, for the better.
✔Break down obstacles from your mind, and clear old beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back longer than you recognize.
✔Clear childhood wounds and traumas, that you may not realize you’ve been holding onto.
An effective mindset with spiritual connection can turn your suffering into glory and align you with the most incredible emotions, feelings, and life you only thought you can dream of.
This isn’t about focusing on Positive Vibes.
This is about coming face to face with your truth, working through all your emotions and connecting to the offerings and blessings the
universe has in store for you, as you hold all this inside of you.
This is a structured, divine approach to creating and maintaining an Authentic Connection with your Spirit Guides and your  Higher Consciousness.
Empress, this is what makes life so much more fun, exciting and
magickal, when you unravel your inner gifts, you realize you are the
glory you been seeking this whole time.

This is Why It’s Vital That You Dissolve Your Ego and Express Your Spirit…

Life will feel more fulfilling and aligned with what you want for yourself, more happiness, joy, connection, love and financial freedom.
✔You will stand up for yourself and stop giving everyone else your power and stop feeling depleted in people pleasing.
✔You will be able to walk away from what doesn’t feel good for your soul, with your head held high, a smile on your face, knowing you didn’t hurt anyone in the process, because you did it from a place of LOVE.
✔You will find a new Passion for Life, once you recognize the diamond you are within your soul.
✔You will feel lighter in your chest and breath deeper into your body.
Once you’ve Mastered your Divine Mind and the formula to living a fulfilled life, you can have all the glory, love and financial abundance you want for yourself and those that you love.
Meaning you will never have to worry about anything in your life, because you are always watched over, protected and guided from a Higher Consciousness, and Your Spirit Guides!
That’s TRUE inner freedom, if you ask me!
If you want this for your LIFE, I have some good news.
Working at your own pace, and connecting with your Divine Mind, you can implement this work instantly, and feel the shifts throughout your Mind, Body, and Spirit within minutes or place it in your reality within a matter of days (not weeks, months or years!).
Want to know how?
Divine Drum Roll PLEASE…
I’ve used the same Divine Plan to help WOMEN through…
✔Depression & Anxiety
✔Unhappiness & Exhaustion
✔Starting a Soul Driven Business
✔Created Financial Abundance
✔Connecting with their Spirit Guides & Divine Mind
✔Finding Love

After working with women, I realized that everyone was holding onto the same energetic debris regardless, of what they were experiencing in their life at the present time. As I worked with women one to one and in group setting, connecting deeper to their truth, I knew that I had to formulate a system to help more women reach inner liberation, lightness in their chest and a new lease on life.


Because every woman is capable and worthy of this inner freedom.
After we were tossed lemons in 2020, you must learn how to make the most delicious Lemonade by connecting to your own Divine Mind, away from fear, self-doubt, anger, resentment, abandonment, etc.
Let’s face it, it’s time to tap into this NEW EARTH and create the life you want, away from how others are telling you to do it.
Coming closer to our Divine Spirit is to GROW, EVOLVE and
✔The problem is, many are comfortable being uncomfortable in this new reality and don’t want to do the inner work to see something more glorious about themselves.
✔The fear of the future unknown scares them, as they look at it in a
skewed way.
✔Women are working with an old energy in focusing on Positive Vibes
that comes from an egotistical prospective, and not embracing in their
Divine Self; to see that there is positivity in all areas of her life, when you see it, with Your Holy Eyes.
✔I’m not keen on focusing on one area of mine or someone’s life, when things were out of balance in one area, other areas are also out of balance, we must look at life as a whole.
What I learned to know as a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Galactic Elder and Master Key Holder, that I have an amazing process and teachings and 
many out there have a life problem or two that this process can solve, as soon as you put it to work…

Life will be so ABUNDANT and ENLIGHTENING when you put yourself first.

You should feel JOY in waking up every morning, and living life on
your terms, financially free, mentally free, spiritually open, overloaded
with love, clarity and inner peace. 
This is something I wrestled with this for a long time, and I’m happy to say those days have been over for years now.
When I worked this process and system that was channeled through me from the heavens, I realized, I didn’t have to hold on to this struggle anymore…
…I needed to share this timeless wisdom with other women that are ready to become empowered, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially free  from all burdens and lack mindset and Step Into Their Sovereignty with grace and knowingness.
You can learn to connect with an infinite energy with authenticity like I did, since I was a child and forgot about myself in my adulthood…
… when I made these great realization—and shared it with women going through divorce, wanting to leave their job, finding their soul mate and beyond!
It ALL started to make sense, Mastering life in a way that felt natural to your soul, freeing to your spirit—EVEN FUN to your inner child was the most
joyful and greatest blessings any woman can experience!
And I have to tell you…
The stuff inside the membership club, is something like you’ve never seen before. We’re about getting you results dropping the excuses and removing the fluff.

I want to show you, how to make LIFE easy and remove the complicated from in front of you, with a formula that FEELS GOOD to follow.

I want you to feel the abundance of LOVE that surrounds you in so many areas that you may have neglected. 
Anyone can fake a good life, BUT not everyone lives a GREAT LIFE.
Don’t just take my word for it either…
Check out what other Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable Women are saying about following the same system I used with them.
Zak’s guidance and spiritual teachings has helped me with releasing debilitating childhood trauma, mommy pleasing issues, a lack mindset, and never feeling good enough for anyone or myself. Being overwhelmed with guilt, shame, body image issues, a failing marriage, and looking to fill my emptiness with undesirable sex.
With Zak’s guidance and spiritual teachings, I now embrace in life’s
abundance and pleasures, by creating healthy boundaries and learning how to use my voice to speak my truth and stand in my power with compassion and love. 
 – Indi Wicks C.E.O of Zulah Imports and Joy Inspired
Zak guided me with my former husband’s infidelity, divorce, a thriving business, and the decision to purchase a $1.4 million home.

She empowered me to stand my ground, speak my truth, and create
healthy boundaries that served my soul.

Thanks to Zak, I’ve taken my power back, stop pleasing everyone around me, I can say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Not only is my business thriving, I’m now teaching other woman how to find their voice after divorce and step into their power with confidence.
~ Natasha Williams – Clinical Psychologist
Zak guided my girls and me through an emotional time of a divorce. She helped us find clarity and hope through difficult times. 
I grew as a women and learned to fall in love with myself again.
Zak will show you a new level of connection with the divine and yourself.
– Nicole Scott – Own Your Sparkle

This Could Be You Too, Empress!

Imagine living life on your terms, with all that you can dream of. 
The money, relationship, family, travel, friends, excellent health, etc.
Whatever your soul desires. It’s YOURS.
Being joyful, waking up every morning to do it with curiosity, laughter and
inner peace.
What would that mean to you?
Bringing clarity to all areas of your life and getting rid of what doesn’t
serve you, in order to spark what is waiting for you.
Stepping into your Life with Purpose and Grace!

While still enjoying every moment of your new found life, filling up your
heart daily.
What if I told you that this could be your reality…
In a matter of days, instead of weeks, months, or years from now?
You don’t have to slave away to your ego anymore, Empress.
In fact, in just a couple of weeks from now, you could be saying…

“I never expected my life to change so drastically, in such a short period of time, by putting me first, my whole life changed around me!”

– Marrisha Williams
All thanks to this simple but powerful system I want to share with you, and you can decide how fast or slow you want to go.
Because guess what, Empress, it’s up to you?

I’ve heard women say “I have taken spiritual courses before, but Zak, you have some sort of something in you, that sprung out my truth faster than
ever thought”

This could be your Defining Moment of 2021

I’ve made it my mission to help Empower Women to stand in their

Truth, through connecting to an infinite source of energy that supplies all their needs and wants this year….
I’ve put together a membership club to make it affordable for all women, in order to eliminate excuses from their pathway and start to live a life they can only imagine.
So when you get your hands on what I’m about to show you…
A special kind of inner freedom can start being your reality in a matter of hours, days or weeks.
This is what I call, Inner Freedom at your finger tips in a Bold, Fierce,
Unstoppable way.
✔Freedom in how you spend your time.
✔Freedom in who you spend it with.
✔Freedom in how often you work.
✔Freedom in how you manifest the life you desire to live.
Are you ready, because I can’t WAIT to share it with you….
Cosmic Drum roll…
Introducing “The BOLD, Fierce, Unstoppable” Membership Club!
The best part of this membership club, is that you’re in charge of what pace you want to go.
If you are ready to jump in with both feet or test out the waters.
The question is how serious are you in wanting to change your present circumstance, to something more empowering for you and those
that you 
There is only you, and YOUR WHY and the actions you need to take in
order too curate this NEW YOU, you want to become.
Are you ready Empress.
This Membership Club is Completely RISK FREE!


✔Learn about Spirituality
✔Learn the Magick of Manifesting
✔Create a Miracle Mindset
✔Learn Meditation Practices
✔Heal Your Childhood Wounds
✔Empower Your Yoni to guide you towards Your Riches
✔Learn how to use Spiritual Laws to Your Advantage
✔Heal Emotional Eating
✔Heal Money Trauma and Manifest Financial Freedom
✔Learn how to use Retrogrades Energy to Propel you Forward
✔Heal through the Underground World as you Harness Self-Love.

….With so many other Incredible Teachings to Help you along the way

You'll receive access to the Exclusive Portal

✔24/7 access.
✔Meditation Library to help heal Many areas of your Life.
✔V.I.P Support inside the Membership Club
✔Membership Social Presence inside the Club
✔Unlock Monthly trainings to receive Action Plans & Steps by processess, to help Activate Your Spirit
✔Courses added continuously to help Awaken & Activate Your Spirit to
✔Manifest the Life you Desire
✔Receive Workbooks, Videos and Audio for each Teaching
✔Monthly Forecast on how to Navigate the month Ahead of You
✔Weekly Q’n A Sessions

And so much more…

It all comes down to a simple, yet powerful system that was created to help all women through any situation in their life to live more abundant, free, and joyful by learning…

Twelve Steps to Identify & Conquer Why certain situations
happened in your life, and how to avoid them in future endeavours
once you walked away from them for good.
Four Ascensions to Heal through Childhood Wounds and Traumas, that are holding you back today to living your best life.
How to Use a daily Approach to Recognize your Self-Worth and
stop being the exhausted people pleaser, and start putting yourself first.
Five Ways to Connect to Your Higher Consciousness as you move away from the underground world, and ego self.
Twenty-four Pathways to Master Your Divine Mind and recognize
many parts of you that you never thought were there, until you put
yourself first.
Twelve Actions to Attract the life, you only thought you can imagine
as you notice yourself walking towards a life you can only “wish for” start becoming.
Unlimited ways to Unlock your Heart Chamber and start to
recognize how safe and protected you are away from the old narrative, suffering and pain. Indulge in more self-love and love from others, as you open up a magickal world in front of you.
We are not cut from the same cloth, yet we are given the same opportunity with the Divine, the question is;

DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know that all results are not typical, nor is  my experience. Your results are based on the work that you put forth for  yourself. The average person who buys any “how-to” information generally  does very little with it and, because of this inaction, gets little to no results.  

Personal and Spiritual Growth entails doing the inner work to achieve the  external successes you are seeking from within you. PLEASE DON’T BE PART OF THIS CLUB IF YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING TO DRINK FROM  THE CHALICE AND CHANGE WILL INSTANTLY HAPPEN. You must clean, polish and then drink for your thirst to be quenched.