Transformation and change are not always easy.
It takes courage to make a commitment to yourself to accept what was, what is, and what will become.
Transformation and change are not always easy.
It takes courage to make a commitment to yourself to accept what was, what is, and what will become.

The best way to really put this into practice is to allow every step you take, move you towards what you want to create in your life, regardless if it feels difficult or has the potential to hurt someone’s feelings.

Right now, the person you’re hurting is yourself by staying committed to what isn’t in alignment with your soul’s desires.

It’s time to be honest with yourself and plant the seeds of possibility, as you pull out the weeds of yesterday so your crop is new, healthy, and vibrates through your soul.

What no longer feels empowering, aligned, and good for your soul?

Scrape away the initial cliched responses and get really honest—this is the only way you can become bold in your life.

Allow yourself to take one step a day that will bring you a little closer to the emotion you want to create and live your life.

Release what doesn’t serve your soul, as you heal and learn from your past journey, to transform into something that will satiate your soul’s appetite for the divine.

The metamorphosis that happens by activating your soul can take a few hours, a day, days, or weeks depending on how you deal with the caterpillar phase of your journey to becoming your bright, bold butterfly.

The metamorphosis takes determination, boundaries, and an understanding that people will try to change the trajectory of your dreams to suit what they think of themselves rather than what you can do for yourself.

Your responsibility is to take that step with intention, knowing you’re entering unfamiliar territory and being comfortable with welcoming anything that will serve your highest potential.

This is what it means to be fierce in holding your vision and truth so tightly that nothing can break the bond between you.

Every step depends on you.
Every action depends on you.
Every emotion you exude depends on you.
And it doesn’t mean you avoid the so-called ‘negative’ emotions; it means you work through them to journey to the other side.

This is the definition of unstoppable.

Allow every step to move you forward, regardless of what arises and how uncomfortable the expansion makes you feel.

Don’t allow yourself to quit because it feels hard.
Find yourself a spiritual therapist and a support system that will help and guide you on this journey through all the difficult (and joyous) times that may appear before you.

Let every step move you forward in a bold, fierce, unstoppable way, so you may kick fear, doubt, and mental chaos out the door and welcome in your divine essence and abundance as your birthright—all from the creator that brought you life.

In harmony,

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