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Sept 20-22, 2024
Town of Dorset, Algonquin Highlands
Are you ready for a transformative journey? Join us at the “Illuminate Your Brilliance Retreat,” nestled amidst serene surroundings, shallow waters, and nature. This sanctuary offers renewal, empowerment, connection, and profound self-discovery for women seeking inner illumination.
Guided by Galactic Elder, MasterKey Holder, 12 Strain Activator, Spiritual Healer Zak Lioutas and surrounded by like-minded women, also embarking on a journey of inner illumination, gives you permission to let go and allow for your brilliance to shine, as you laugh, cry, sing and dance away what may have been holding you hostage from your Divine Essence.

Through a carefully crafted weekend of spiritual practices, reflective exercises, and empowering conversations, you’ll uncover the radiance of your true self and ignite the spark of your brilliance.

Experience moments of profound clarity as you delve deep into your inner world, shedding light on limiting beliefs and embracing your inherent strengths.
Through guided meditations, body movement, and soulful discussions, you’ll cultivate a deeper connection to your intuition and rediscover the power within you.
Refresh your spirit with rejuvenating activities designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Whether it’s morning meditations, sun salutations, afternoon white dance party, breathing exercises, fire and water ceremonies, personal photoshoot or tranquil moments of reflection by the serene waters, every moment at the retreat is an opportunity to connect with the spiritual realm and reconnect with your authentic essence, to reclaim your inner light.
As you pack your bags and set out on the path that leads to the retreat, you carry with you the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a woman ready to reclaim her power, embrace her brilliance, and illuminate the world with her unique gifts.
Preparing your heart and mind to open to whatever experiences may come, knowing that the “Illuminate Your Brilliance Retreat” holds the promise of awakening your inner light and empowering you to shine brighter than ever before.
The journey begins long before you arrive, and it continues long after you return home, forever changed by the light you have uncovered within yourself.
The journey to Illuminate Your Brilliance Retreat happens the moment you turn the key in the ignition and begin driving north.
As you set out on the open road, leaving behind the familiar landscapes of your everyday life, you embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.
Each mile traveled is a step closer to unlocking the brilliance within you, a gentle unfurling of the layers that have obscured your light.
With every passing mile marker, you feel the weight of the world begin to lift, replaced by a growing sense of anticipation and possibility.
As you anticipate the journey ahead, you may feel a mix of excitement and apprehension, a flutter of anticipation at the prospect of stepping into a space of renewal and empowerment. You imagine the possibilities that await, the friendships to be forged, and the insights to be gained.
Perhaps you find yourself yearning for a deeper connection – to yourself, to your purpose, and to the essence of who you truly are. You feel a stirring within, a whisper of potential waiting to be unleashed.
You long to shine brightly, to radiate confidence, and to live authentically in alignment with your deepest desires.

You are not alone in this longing.

Alongside women stand from all walks of life – sisters, mothers, daughters, friends – each with her own story, her own dreams, and her own unique brilliance waiting to be illuminated.
Together, you form a foundation of support and inspiration, united in your quest for spiritual growth and empowerment.
As the retreat draws to a close and you bid farewell to the sanctuary that has nurtured your soul, your new found friends, know that your journey towards self-illumination does not end here.
Armed with newfound insights, tools, and a heart brimming with renewed confidence, you return home ready to continue the work you’ve started at the retreat. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be meeting weekly to ensure you stay on track of this illuminated energy you have forged into your life.
Your brilliance awaits.
These gatherings will serve as a sacred space to continue the work we have started at the retreat as well as integrate the teachings and experiences from the retreat into your daily life. With a renewed sense of self and purpose, you approach life’s challenges with resilience and grace, drawing upon the lessons learned and the connections forged during your time at the “Illuminate Your Brilliance Retreat.”
As you integrate these experiences into your daily life, you find yourself radiating with a newfound brilliance, illuminating the world around you with the light that now shines brightly from within.
Together, let’s illuminate the path to your brilliance and empower you to step into your fullest potential.
Join us at the “Illuminate Your Brilliance Retreat” and embark on a journey of self-discovery, renewal, and empowerment like never before.

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