The Video Vault

Short Videos

These videos run from 10-20mins in length and are great for when you want to shift your energy, mindset, dive into your breathing and see how and what you need to do in order to walk towards living in your Authentic Power...

Each video is channeled and allows you to take a look within and outside of you.

Activate Your Spirit

These videos will help you Activate Your Soul and see things with a New Perspective in what you need to change in your life to dig deep into your happiness. 

Allow your Spirit to guide you to whatever video has Today's Message for You... 


Mind Health Matters

In these videos, you will find talks that can help you overcome any Mind Health Disconnections and bring you back to center. 

We also speak about how the GUT affects Your Mind.

Oracle Card Readings

These videos are short card readings to help guide your path, bring you back to center and realigned with what you want out of life. Understand that you are not alone, when you may feel like you are... 

Allow your spirit to pick what you need to hear today, listen attentively, reflect, write things down, and create change in your life...

Manifestation Maven

In Manifestation you'll find a variety of wisdom and information on how to manifest in your life with ease.  

There are videos that we will be exploring some magick with candles, herbs and rituals. Enjoy the process that's what manifesting is all about.

Chakra Meditations

In the following videos you will get into alignment with your body from the earth all the way to infinite possibilities, by opening up and aligning your chakras to work to your advantage.

Releasing what isn't serving your soul, and allowing what wants to come into your life gives you a grander path to your happiness.

OverComing The EGO

Overcoming the Ego is about overcoming the obstacles you are playing in your everyday life.

The ego is what shrinks us and holds us back from living our full potential. By focusing on what doesn't serve

Your Higher Self.