Remove the obstacles of the mind out of the way, take a few breaths and allow for what is to appear to show up without driving yourself crazy…

I know it’s one of those things that you can’t stop thinking about.

You continuously ask the simple question “what am I to do?”.
The best answer heaven gives, is to do NOTHING.

NOTHING at all.

Just be present, open to receiving messages/love, accepting, be full of gratitude for what is already present in your reality, and continue to move forward with ease.

Believe that everything is going to work out better than you can imagine, regardless of what’s happening in your reality at the present moment.

Trust that you are fully protected and understand that you’re the driver of your vehicle.

No, there’s no blaming the passenger if they took you on their detour. YOU were driving your car, your destiny.
Remember that.

Have faith in the universe within you, aligning you to your desires.

When fear appears, your reasons WHY you’re doing the uncomfortable becomes more powerful.

Self doubt can quickly become self-empowerment when you learn to conquer ego-based energies within you.

Bringing out the inner child is a great way of letting go and allowing for heaven to find your love.

Our inner child is ready to show us love and laughter, and remind us how not to listen to anyone around us when we are in our playground, but instead just go with the flow of our spirit.

To listen, be present to the little child within that is ready to flourish in a beautiful adult way.

Forget everything that suffocates you and go to a place that livens you, your happy place, your playground.

Connecting to that inner child can assist you in healing past pains, fears, questions you are experiencing and the emotions you are going through.
Isn’t it time to play?
Isn’t it better to be in a state of playfulness?

When in doubt… Be present. Be grateful. Be accepting. Be Love.
When in doubt… Just be you.
Everything around you, outside of you, is just noise.

When in doubt… Go within. Breathe. Cry. Release. Listen.
When in doubt…. Get out of your mind, and get into your playground.
When in doubt… Love yourself!

This is your time!
Until we speak again,
I’ll meet you in the playground <3