Ready to Take Your Life From Mediocre to Extraordinary?

Step into your Authentic Self and make 2022 the year you Unleash Your Power.

Let’s face it, life is hard enough without limiting your potential. 

Ladies, is it time to dissolve the self-inflicted spells you have placed on yourself compounded by those that you allowed to rob your inner power?

Shutting your heart down as you lock up the wounds and pains from your childhood to your present moment, negate your conscious mind.

Let’s face it.

Life the last couple of years has made you open your eyes and take inventory of how you are living.

Relationships. Career. Finances. Marriage. Family. Business. Self.

Everything was put on a pedestal for you to look at and ask yourself, how HAPPY am I, in each of these areas of my life?

If you are feeling confused, depleted, wondering, unhappy in one or more areas in your life, you’re out of spiritual balance.

Tapping into something greater within yourself and removing the spells of the past is the greatest way to never go back to an old self. 

If you’re ready to activate your path and empower thyself on a spiritual level. This is a sign!

Learning spiritual principles and practices to help dissolve spells that turned into wounds and suffering while allowing you to quantum leap into something more empowering for your soul, is your birthright.

Understanding the way God made you and how to utilize YOUR gifts and talents in your daily life is a game changer.

In this one day retreat, Zak will help you find your way back to the woman you were meant to be, that will empower you to take power of your life and own it. You deserve it!

The retreat will help you learn how to deepen your  higher consciousness so that you can step into your authentic self without fear of judgment or rejection from others. 

You’ll be able to find peace within yourself while still being true to who you are on the outside.

The world is looking for normal, don’t fall for it. 

Humans are extraordinary beings that haven’t yet seen their potential in this lifetime. 

Why keep yourself stuck in a place of normalcy, when you are extraordinary.

You got the POWER within you to be, do, have all that you want in this life, all you have to do is give away all the suffering to the universe and step into your TRUTH.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

It is when you have someone guiding you through the process and teaching you how to navigate your soul to higher elevations of self awareness and acceptance.

It takes bravery, effort, and courage to achieve spiritual awakening.

It’s time for you to take control of your life and make it happen!

In this Retreat you will..

  • Clear and heal childhood wounds and traumas
  • Clear spells that have been holding you back unconsciously
  • Transform the way you see yourself. 
  • Work on loving yourself 
  • Feel liberated from all blocks holding you back.
  • Quickly dissolve obstacles from your mind
  • Connect to Infinite Energy Force
  • Learn how to trust the process

What you will receive…

  • Clarity and Knowingness
    • Inner Peace
    • Increase your joy and fulfillment in life
  • Tools and Techniques to bring you into present moment
  • Re-birthing to Higher Consciousness
  • Understanding of why things may of happened in your life
  • A breath of Life
  • A new passion for life
  • Put yourself on THE PEDESTAL
  • Manifestation into your Becoming.

DAY of event ——-
Cost $250
Start: 9.30 welcome/10am start
End: 7pm

Sign up before ——- and receive a complimentary 30 min session with Zak.

Pre or Post Retreat, that will have you truly propel your intentions with focus and clarity. (Value: Priceless)

The retreat is an intimate setting and only open to five women at a time.

It’s a great way to enjoy a day with your girlfriends, supporting one another in your spiritual growth. #womenpower

It’s also great to come meet other like minded women that are ready to step into their spiritual power in a Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable way. #empowerthyself #soulactivation

On that day…

  • 1hr Body Movement 
  • Sacred Gathering with Galactic Elders
  • Lunch – Snacks – Dinner
  • Chakra Re-balancing
  • Breathwork
  • Soul Writing 
  • Community of Like Minded Women!
  • Goodie Bag with $150 

About Zak

Zak has been connecting with the spiritual world since she was three years old, from the blue man standing in front of her family tv, to running into the works of dark entities working their magick at night. 

Where she has learned about a whole other world that not many spiritual teachers speak about. 

The unseen world isn’t all love, light and rainbows, there are dungeons, dragons and darkness that are always lurking and ready to stick to anything that is available.

Zak has truly experienced the works of the unseen world and has conquered each universal lesson with confidence and authority even at times when it didn’t make sense, she knew eventually it will when more got revealed.. 

Life has tossed her a fair share of challenges yet she always came out winning when she remembered the truth of who she was in the eyes of the Divine.

Zak loves watching women instantly transform as they learn how to tap into something greater than themselves and see a woman that they may have never met previously or in this lifetime.

Zak brings you practical tools and techniques that help you bring balance to your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical self in a joyful, fun way that will keep you wanting more out of life and yourself

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