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Are you going through a transitional phase in your life?

Are you ready to cut the BS and do whatever it takes to move mountains of unknown fear, self-doubt, exhaustion, confusion, anxiousness, people pleasing etc out of your way, giving yourself permission to step into your happy place, authentically?

If so, The Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable Inner Circle is for you.

Regardless if you are going through or thinking of divorce, seeking more happiness, miserable at work, not making enough money as an entrepreneur, difficulty tapping into your spiritual gifts, everything stems from your personal energy from the present life and from your spiritual past lives that has rolled over into this lifetime.

Happiness is a choice you have, and abundance is a blessing the universe brings you.

Sometimes all you need is another set of eyes to recognize your path, a different perspective to see yourself, some guidance of where to start, motivation and community to inspire you.
Upgrading your life situations isn’t always easy, yet it’s worth it and becomes easy when you have the right guidance, bring awareness and understanding to your energy frequency, work on your psychology, your emotions and your circumstances.
Being part of The Inner Circle we don’t only look at the spiritual aspect of life, we bring together the Holy Trinity of life, your Mind, Body and Soul.

We talk about spirituality, the dark and the light, healthy eating, body movement, mental health, financial abundance, childhood wounds and traumas, the dark knight of the soul and removing the masks, patterns and belief systems among many more topics.

Inside the Inner Circle there are a variety of workshops, motivational talks, soul activating meditations and focused workshops to help you move through lower vibrations into something more empowering for your soul, allowing you to manifest the life you desire and want.

As you fare your goodbyes to the past self and bring gratitude to the renewed self that is coming through, curious of the unknown walking with her head held high, knowing all will become as she desires.
In the Inner Circle we meet once a week for a live talk or a q&a session, where we will answer any question and help guide you along the way.*
As you satisfy your spiritual senses, you will fall in love with your kitchen and awaken a way of bringing vibrant foods to your table and into your temple.

You will find easy recipes to make you fall in love with your health and body as you tap into higher cosmic vibrations.

Eating the right foods for your body helps you raise your vibration and awaken your spirit to recognize your soul’s abundant life that is stored within you, covered up with what is holding you down.

A healthy body, brings forward a healthy mind and an empowered spirit to become Unstoppable on your path of purpose and happiness in this lifetime in a Bold, Fierce way.

When you breathe life into yourself, nourish your body with the proper nutrients, feed your mind with high vibration words, visions, emotions and actions, the universe takes care of amplifying your energy and aligning you towards your desired outcomes.
Having an inner circle of like minded women is a bonus.

Are you ready too..

Excitement Awaits You!

Imagine living life on your terms, with all that you can dream of.

There is only you, YOUR WHY and the actions you take in order to curate this NEW YOU, you want to become.

The question is how serious are you in wanting to change your present circumstance, to something more exciting? More aligned with your purpose, one that is empowering for you and those that you love.

One that brings you happiness and excitement to wake up every morning with excitement and joy.

The money, relationships, family, travel, friends, excellent health, adventure and however else you desire to live are fluid and flowing.

Whatever your soul desires. It’s YOURS.

The only thing getting in the way of you and your riches, is your ego.

Fear, self-doubt, guilt, shame, let’s face it women are great at sabotaging themselves.

Are you ready to put yourself first?

Visualize this…

Waking up every morning with excitement to live life to its fullest. Have clarity of your life, living debt free with savings, and no worries. Your relationships nourish your soul and spiritual growth. Your home is taken care of.

You are happy, and those that support your happiness are happy for you. You align with your inner spark to attract what is waiting for you, by stepping into your Life with Purpose and Grace!

Enjoying every moment of your new found life, filling up your heart daily.

What if I told you that this could be your reality…

In a matter of days, instead of weeks, months, or years from now?

You don’t have to Slave Away to your Ego Anymore, Empress.

Because guess what, it’s up to you?

I’ve heard women say “I have taken spiritual courses before, but Zak, you have some sort of something in you, that sprung out my truth faster than I ever thought”

You are the one that decides how fast you want to move through the self-awakening process as you go through the teachings in the Inner Circle.

This Could Be Your Defining Moment Of 2022

I’ve made it my mission to Empower Women to stand in their Truth, by connecting to an Infinite Source of Energy that supplies all their needs and wants.

I’ve put together the Inner Circle to make it affordable for all women, in order to eliminate excuses from their pathway and start to live a life they can only imagine.

So when you get your hands on what I’m about to show you…

A special kind of Inner Freedom can start being your reality in a matter of hours, days or weeks.

This is what I call, Inner Freedom at your fingertips.

It doesn't matter where you are in your life today. IT’S WHERE YOU, WANT TO GO

Don’t allow money to be your number one excuse of why you’re not creating the change your soul is nudging you to create.
Money isn’t the issue, fear is the problem, along with other stagnant emotions that you continuously visit, and have difficulty leaving in the past.
Familiarity is comfortable, regardless of how painful it may be.
The unknown future can be scary, and at times uneasy to the ego, yet exciting to the spirit.
When you have the right support system guiding you every step of the way, you start to birth confidence in your step that you didn’t know existed.
Take a leap and watch your life change before your eyes.

This isn’t an overnight process, Spiritual Awakening and Soul Activation is a Process of Death, Re-birth, Awakening as you Step into your Greatest Asset, YOUR DIVINITY.

Don’t allow another minute pass you by, time is precious and you’ll never get it back.
Money is always achievable, when you have the right mindset, energy frequency, practical tools and support system to guide you towards your enlightened destiny.

When you work on activating your soul, you’ll start to see yourself and the world with a new perspective.

At the end of it all

If you’re Not Ready for Change, Change isn’t Ready for You!

You Need to do the Work, PERIOD!

“I never expected my life to change so drastically, in such a short period of time, by putting me first, my whole life changed around me!” – Marrisha Williams

Activating your soul and learning from your ego is a great way not to make the same ‘mistakes’ two, three or four times.

Yes, you’ll continue to learn lessons in different ways, in order for you to understand what empty gap you are filling in.

Some people take longer than others for the light switch to turn on, allowing the ego (fear, doubt, guilt, resentment, abandonment etc) to get in the way of their spiritual growth and awakening.

When you learn how to shift the energy, work through the psychology, you shift not only your energy frequency but your mindset as well.

You’ll become aware of many things that trigger parts of you that want to be released from your Mind, Body and Spirit as you start walking towards the life you create for yourself.

Soul Activation, allows you to take a look at your Divine Essence and step into it with grace and confidence knowing you’re on the right track to attracting the life you are destined to live.

You’ll enter a new frequency of self-realization, wanting to play in that realm continuously, clearing layers of your ego and recognizing yourself in a different light, every step of the way.
There are forty years of teachings and experience that will be birthed in the club.

You will be able to see life differently when you start to clear the gunk out of your way, and learn how to look within for your golden answers.

Not external to you, it’s about trusting your intuition with knowingness, happiness, love, joy and financial abundance.

The best part of the inner circle is that you’re in charge of what pace you want to go.

If you are ready to jump in with both feet or play in the waters, it’s truly upto you.
We look forward to seeing you on the Inside.

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