We don’t always know why things have happened for us the way they have happened, but we learn to accept it and move on knowing that we have learned the lessons of the past and are willing to create change in our future.

The past doesn’t define who we are, it creates this character of who we want to become, leaving behind suffering, trauma and beliefs that were embedded within our soul.

Taking on the wisdom and guidance to understand that there is something greater for us out there.

Something the ignites the spark within us.
Something that brings us greater pleasure in knowing that what we are seeking is also seeking us.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

Regardless of what journey we have crossed, we must sing psalms of forgiveness and gratitude.

Life hasn’t always been this simple and the above hasn’t always been this easy to understand or deal with.

When you learn to climb the ladder out of darkness, you learn that in life there’s more of what we want or don’t want that will come towards us.

It’s literally up to our own mind, actions and reactions of what comes before us and what we want to create or what we walk away from.

Happiness is a choice we need to make, it’s not our children’s, spouse, friends, or co-workers responsibility to make us happy.

We are responsible for our own happiness and creating it the way we want it to be.
Remembering that others can only amplify our happiness and if they don’t, we have the power to walk away from what doesn’t make us happy or feel good.

Spiritual awakening happens when we get in our own way and think we can do everything on our own, leaving ourselves depleted, resentful, angry and confused with what life is trying to tell us.

Layers of healing and working through the ego is the most challenging task any human can take, especially when things don’t make sense or work out the way we believe they should.

We must dance with fear, self-doubt, guilt, anger and resentment to find the seed within our own being that lights us up and makes life feel orgasmic and free.

Getting naked in our truth unapologetically and poetically not needing anymore validation from the outside world starts to empower us.

The sensation of faith becomes stronger, trusting becomes inevitable.

At the age of 3, I saw my first spirit.

It wasn’t easy living in this world of duality, that wasn’t spoken about or accepted as it is today.

I had to hide from being authentically me, leaving me feeling depressed and disconnected from my own purpose in life, as I pleased others around me and brought comfort to their needs, rather than bringing comfort to my own self.

In my teens until cancer struck in my twenties, drugs, sex and booze were my escape, to filling in an empty void that was temporary relief with long term effects of emotional suffering and trauma.

Drugs, regardless if it’s a substance or an emotion, it’s a drug.

When we look at the intention of why we react a certain way, we recognize that we are filling a void of attention we may be seeking to belong.

What we feed energy too, feeds us in return.
Whatever void we are trying to fulfill in another’s truth, is the absence of our own truth, and power.

I can tell you first hand, owning your power and standing in your truth isn’t always easy.

I can also tell you, it’s extremely orgasmic and liberating when you open yourself up and speak your truth in a compassionate way and start receiving the universe’s pleasures, life takes a whole new trajectory.

Spirituality is about living everyday in the comfort of being naked in your own skin of truth and truly loving yourself and humanity in a way that makes your body quiver and your divine juices drip from between your legs.

We must not deny our sexual needs.

Our divine soulful juice sprinkled in Gaia is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

Opening yourself up isn’t only about giving unconditionally it’s also about receiving unconditionally in all areas of your life, physically, financially and sexually.

Are you ready to live in your truth and stand in your power in a bold, fierce, unstoppable way?

My purpose is to empower women to manifest the life they are destined to live by dissolving mental and emotional challenges and activating their soul.

As I share my lenses in guiding women to live their best life, it naturally arouses their yoni to beat to their hearts drum.

Learning to trust the process and let go of the past becoming present in the now and future, creating healthy boundaries in all areas of their life by making themselves the priority allows you to serve another in their fullness.

The greatest advice I can give anyone is to find someone you align with and start working with them if you are ready to take a leap with life and its pleasures. You connect with us here.

You will save yourself a lot of pain, suffering, time and money, when you have someone that can see your light and can guide you, rather than trying to figure it out on your own.

Know that you are worth the investment to heal your soul.

You are not alone, the universe is always watching and guiding you, the choice is yours of what path you want to take.