The Meditation Vault

Full Moon

Full Moon energy is a great time to retract, assess, cleanse and rebirth yourself from what isn't bringing happiness &  

joy in your life.  

Create a Activated Plan for yourself now that clarity was presented to you.

Pick Your Buzz...

There are a variety of meditations that will guide you through the ego and awaken the spirit to new perspectives. 

Allow your Spirit to guide you towards Today's Message for you...

New Moon

New Moon is a great time to manifest things into your life as you farewell to what is not longer serving your soul. 

Allow your spirit to pick what you need to hear today, listen attentively, reflect, write things down, and create change in your life...

Daily Practice

When you start and end your day mindfully you align with the energetic frequency that is serving you during the day and in your dreams.

Aligning with this energy, brings blessings into your life.