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Get in touch with any questions, comments, and thoughts by either filling in the form or emailing, and a memberof my team will be in touch within 48 business hours.

Get in touch with any questions, comments, and thoughts filling in the form below and a member of my team will be in touch within 48 business hours.

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Soul Activation is a process I use to release stagnant energetic debris from your mind and spirit and imprint new energies in your auric field. This enables you to see life with more clarity and from a new perspective. The process also incorporates higher vibration guidance to help you step into your power and create what you want in your life as you leave behind the old patterns and beliefs that have you shackled to the past.
Zak connects with your higher consciousness and spirit guides along with her counsel of Elders, Healers, and Light Beings to guide you into clarity as you become aware of what is happening in your life now and how you can release anything you no longer need, and birth what you want to create in your present and future.

Each session is unique and depends on your dreams and goals.
I always advise clients to set their intention for the call, as I set my intention to bring you the highest source of wisdom from the cosmic world and guide you with clarity into knowing that all you desire is possible. You don’t need to tell me what your intention is as I connect with your energy and work with both your guides and mine. I’ll cover your intentions in the way that they are presented during the session.
Our sessions are done on Zoom. This gives you the opportunity to record the session for later use. We’ll email you a Zoom link you use to connect once we’ve set up your time and you’ve paid for your session(s). Zoom is easy to use, and you don’t have to download the software. Just click the link and connect.